Enterprise-level web development

Create complex multitenant SaaS solutions from scratch based on Microsoft stack.

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About us

A small company driven by developers started in 2014. Microsoft certified web and mobile developers. Our clients are mid-sized businesses and young start-ups.

Enterprise standards of development

Our primary agile framework is “Scrum”. Before committing to the QA environment, we perform Code Reviews and Unit testing. Our continuous integration server helps QAs effectively run their test cases. For large projects, we create release notes and deployment instructions.

Model of cooperation

Our development mostly runs on a per hour basis. However, we are open to offering a fixed price model with per milestone payments. We can allocate a dedicated project manager to handle all the messy stuff.

We’re Experts with

Online management systems: ERP, CRM, HRMS and Healthcare solutions. Marketplaces like EBay, AirBnB, Yelp and Craigslist. Mobile development like Uber, Letgo and JustEat. SaaS like white-label widgets and tracking systems.

Why work with us?

Complex Projects

We are a full-cycle development company. That means we deliver complex solutions – not just usual code. We work our hardest to resolve our clients’ problems, not just meet their requirements.

We’re People Persons

Every great product requires a great person behind it. We commit to having a staff of energetic and cooperative people alike. It really matters to us.

High Quality

We can all agree that you probably don’t think about what brand of flashlight you buy at the store. But if we think about cars, you would probably take the company producing the car into deep consideration.

If your next idea is worth more to you than a flashlight, then make sure that you get the best quality possible.

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If you’re considering our services, feel free to contact us below. We promise to reply within a few hours.

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